Multi Millet Dosa Mix

Multi Millet Dosa Mix

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Multi Millet Dosa mix is as healthy and tasty alternative for ordinary dosas. The dosa mix can be taken any time during the day . Regular intake of multi Millets can helps you reduce weight, protect from heart diseases and maintain the blood pressure.


1) 100% veg

2) Can be added to ordinary dosa batter for better fermentation.

3) No side effects.

4) Preservative Free millets provides 24% of phosphorus.

5) Availability : 500gms / 200 gms


  • Multimillet’s are important sources of many nutrients, including dietary fiber, several B vitamins (thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and folate), and minerals (iron,magnesium, and selenium).
  • Dietary fiber from whole millets or other foods, may help reduce blood cholesterol levels and may lower risk of heart disease, obesity, and type 2 diabetes. Fiber is important for proper bowel function. It helps reduce constipation and diverticulosis. Fiber-containing foods such as whole millets help provide a feeling of fullness with fewer calories.
  • The B vitamins thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin play a key role in metabolism – they help the body release energy from protein, fat, and carbohydrates. B vitamins are also essential for a healthy nervous system. Many refined millets are enriched with these B vitamins.
  • Folate (folic acid), another B vitamin, helps the body form red blood cells. Women of childbearing age who may become pregnant should consume adequate folate from foods, and in addition 400 mcg of synthetic folic acid from fortified foods or supplements. This reduces the risk of neural tube defects, spina bifida, and anencephaly during fetal development.
  • Iron is used to carry oxygen in the blood. Many teenage girls and women in their childbearing years have iron-deficiency anemia. They should eat foods high in heme-iron (meats) or eat other iron containing foods along with foods rich in vitamin C, which can improve absorption of non-heme iron. Whole and enriched refined millet products are major sources of non-heme iron in American diets.
  • Multi millets are sources of magnesium and selenium. Magnesium is a mineral used in building bones and releasing energy from muscles. Selenium protects cells from oxidation. It is also important for a healthy immune system.

Health benefits

  • Consuming multi millets as part of a healthy diet may reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • Consuming foods containing fiber, such as whole millets, as part of a healthy diet, may reduce constipation
  • Eating multi millets may help with weight management.
  • Eating multi millet products fortified with folate before and during pregnancy helps prevent neural tube defects during fetal development.

Why Eat Millets?

They are highly nutritious, non-glutinous and not acid forminf foods. Hence they are soothing and easy to digest. They are considered to be the least allergenic and most digestible millets available. Millets are particularly high in minerals like iron, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium.

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