How Aagaaram came to be

The company’s Managing director and production head, Mrs Usha Nandhini from her childhood always had the dream and determination to start her own company and be an independent person in business. She was earlier indulged in various businesses like Masala powder production on wholesale basis and freelance business for printing visiting cards in her early stages. In the year 2010 she happened to stumble upon the topic about millets and its benefits and happened to visit the “NAMAALVAAR” Ayya’s agriculture land “Vaanagam” near Karur where she realized that millets being indigenous to Indian lands and carrying high value of nutrition and benefits, she formulated her plan to start up a business based on millets.

After a lot of trial and errors, research and knowledge exposure she formulated the first products of the company Multi millet Dosa mix and Navadhanya dosa mix in a powdered form whereby the product would suit the younger generation who are new to millet foods to elder people who knew the benefits yet could’nt get their hands on the product.

Thus from two products it became four, then eight and now our company have more than 20 SKU’s to be offered to the valuable customers around India

Now Mrs. Ushanandhini along with her husband Mr. Elangovan now being the CEO of Aagaaram are successfully running their business successfully for the past 8 years and counting.