Navadhanya BondaMix

Navadhanya BondaMix

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Price: ₹49
Category: Ready mix

200g (₹49)

Aagaaram navadhanya bonda mix  is a good replacement for ordinary bhonda mix for its taste and nutrition content. The mix of navadhanyam with the flour gives more of a unique and a heavenly taste to your evening snacks.


1. Available in 200g

2. 100% veg and preservative free


How to prepare bonda form Navadhanya Bonda mix

1. Take required amount of chopped onions, green chillies, curry leaves and coriander powder

2. Mix those with the Navadhanya bonda flour and make a thick paste (soft dough)

3. Heat the oil and make small balls with the dough and deep fry them to get the delicious bondas