Finger millet (Ragi)



Ragi is a whole grain that is gluten-free and a staple in South India. It is rich in fiber that helps with weight loss and diabetes. The finger millet or ragi is malted and its grain is ground into flour. The flour is consumed with milk, boiled water, or yogurt. The flour is made into flatbreads, including thin, leavened dosa and thicker, unleavened roti.

There are various food recipes of finger millet, including dosa, idli, and laddu. In southern India, on pediatrician’s recommendation, finger millet is used in preparing baby food, because of millet’s high nutritional content, especially iron and calcium.

1.available in 500g
2.100% veg
3.Millet is in raw form

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 2 cm



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