Elderly Living

An elderly person being around the age of 60 or more, should maintain a balanced diet and light exercise regime for maintaining a worry free and healthy living. Eating right amount of food packed with essential nutrients keeps them at bay and have a balanced life. Getting older, our body is bound to get exhausted and soft making it vulnerable and prone to body pain and aches that may become a hurdle when left unchecked.

Millets being the carrier of various vitamins and minerals, helps to fill the gap in the nutrition deficits the elderly face in their daily eating. Millets contain high essential vitamins like B and Vitamin E and minerals like iron, calcium, zinc and magnesium with a high fiber content that helps to maintain a good digestive system.

It seems that Millets also have Trypophan that help to reduce stress and promote a healthy sleeping pattern which is highly important as elders may experience trouble sleeping due to nutrient deficiency.

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